• Senior Care: What are the benefits of Hemp?

February 03, 2020

Hemp medical benefits are trending as new medical research shows the medicinal benefits of hemp. Medical research shows that CBD (cannabidiol) is the main medicinal compound that is found in Hemp and is responsible for the medical benefits that many are reporting today.

Every day more and more hemp products are seen in store shelves. These are intended to help people in a natural, healthy and safe way. It is able to alleviate and provide relief in several ways. In this article, we will inform you about the benefits it provides to the elderly.

Fights Insomnia

Recent studies show that a common problem among the elderly is Insomnia. As we reach a certain age, our sleeping patterns change and we have difficulty sleeping. Luckily, hemp's medical benefits help in combatting this.

If you suffer from muscle spasms that do not allow you to sleep, hemp will decrease them. Similarly, it will allow you to relax and calm your mind, so you can sleep and rest without problem or interruptions.

Alleviate the Pain

Another characteristic for which hemp is known for is to help relieve pain. Today there are many brands that make products for pain relief. Sanna Gente is in the United States and in Latin American countries. Its easy to find their products online  and their websites showcases the variety of topicals they offer.

Hemp delivers pain relief by penetrating into the pain's path. This means that it is capable of treating the ailments caused by any type of stress on the affected area.

Helps with Osteoporosis

Another common condition amongst the elderly is osteoporosis. As well as other similar bone diseases. Hemp can prevent bone deterioration. In fact, it can boost their growth.

There have been many studies in this regard and all confirm the same. Therefore, hemp can also combat this disease that is so common with the elderly. It can even be helpful to alleviate a broken bone.

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

According to statistics, Cardiovascular diseases are common among seniors. Hemp has a vasodilator effect on the human body, which improves blood flow. It is this effect that allows it to be helpful for cardiovascular diseases. 

Therefore, if you suffer from hypertension, hemp can help. It will also promote circulation to support the delivery of oxygen to the heart. With healthy blood circulation many have reported using Hemp for stroke prevention.

Arthritis Treatment

Among other benefits, studies show that Hemp can treat arthritis in the elderly. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces the inflammation that arthritis produces in the joints. This reduction in inflammation promotes relief as the joints are less stressed and are released for movement.

This treatment can be applied through the form of topical hemp products. The Sanna Gente store has these types of products in several application methods to allow for a preferred medicinal delivery. Choose from their Alivio Collection which includes an oil, spray, salve and their popular relief stick. Apply as needed.

Protects the Stomach

As we age, we must also remember the importance of a healthy digestive system to prevent gastrointestinal diseases. This disease causes loss of appetite, weak internal tissues and weight loss. Hemp also helps protect the stomach and the entire digestive system.

Among the highest reported benefits is appetite stimulation. The anti-inflammatory properties also take in to effect to help reduce inflammation in the intestine to allow for comfortable digestion and promote a healthy intestine. That is, it is able to relieve the aches and pains caused by colitis.

It's Neuroprotective

On the neurological side, cannabidiol has incredible functions. Research shows promising paths towards disease prevention of common neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other degenerative conditions. Researchers credit the antioxidant capabilities that are great for the brain.

Remember that the Sanna Gente online store offers several products with hemp. All these products are intended to be helpful for people who need to take advantage of those benefits.

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